a good day

Today is a good day. Why do I say such things? One simple truth–correction. Make that two simple truths:

  1. God is in His heaven
  2. Inspiration lives

What is this nonsense about Inspiration? For a writer, there is nothing quite as powerful as inspiration. Negative: when it leaves us. Positive: when it finds us once more.

This morning — yes, I was in the shower — I received inspiration for Book 4 of the Heart of the Blessed series. The target? Teddy. Hilarious, quirky, smarty pants Teddy.

From the onset of this series I have held in check my desire to write his romantic story. The lucky lady has forever been a shadowy hint in my imagination. But this morning she [and the hint of her story] held out an introductory hand.

I clasped it tight (while trying to ignore Teddy’s knowing wink).

Whether or not the story will be written from her POV or predominately from Teddy’s I don’t know quite yet. The opening scene shows Teddy [in my mind’s eye], so that is likely the main storyline, but we’ll see where inspiration leads.

The literal chronology is during the events of Book 2, Releasing Yesterday. Perhaps that will change in the future. Perhaps not. One of the joys of writing [for me] is the sheer unpredictability of the story and the characters as I write the first draft.

Now to start making a list of possible Titles….

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