#writingdaily | Angeline

Fear was always the prelude to the dark.

That conflict raging inside all of us waiting for each daily choice which would, finally, give us no way out of its festering grasp. Or, so it would have us believe. Some of us use the fear and the dark whispers as our motivation—“a means to an end”. Some would say they serve as a reminder rather than a motivation. An ever-present encouragement to tread the path less traveled.

I was—am one of those.

My name is Angeline.

Chased by the dark, I doggedly travel this lesser-known path. Ignoring the darker whispers while focused solely on the misty light guiding each step. Where, I never know until I find myself there. Why, I never imagine until our paths intertwine—at least for that one necessary moment. Their future and destiny is unknown to me, but what I do or do not know matters little compared to the new path these people are now free to discover for themselves—now with the help of that same mysterious light.

Even I do not always see the light. Those days the whispers are deafening, agonizing as they beat and press against my soul. But, somehow, the light feels the most real those days. Burning and bright in the deepest part of my mind, words raging through my heart with such power that they overflow from my lips and fill the shadowed silence with singing harmonies of forever.

The lingering song of those days… make it impossible to do naught but believe in whatever destiny it guides us toward. Whether it be war or the means for peace I do not know. I can only move forward, one diligent step at a time as I serve my part in this eternal conflict.

And eternal it has been in truth. So long that I no longer remember the day I began this journey, nor how many lifetimes I have lived, one after another with no death linking them together. The whispers claim this forever life is a torture, mocking me for my continued dedication to the path and the mysterious light which leads me. But I continue to hold and believe the truth. To not do so would be to deceive and betray everything… because I cannot help but believe.

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