the process of inspiration

The process of inspiration means different things to different people I have come to find.

Some find inspiration in the reading of other’s work. Some discover stories hiding within movies they have seen. Still others are inspired by an image or a quote, or even a specific song they hear.

Based on my own experience, I also believe that inspiration speaks to us in different ways as we grow and mature, as writers and as people. Perceptions. Environments. Mood. These all contribute to the subject matter of our inspiration, to say nothing of the final product once we have suffered through the layers in-between.

It is so important to know and acknowledge this fact because, otherwise, a writer (or other creative person) could suffer when inspiration for them does not come in the same way it does for Jayne or Reggie.

Keep experimenting until you find the process that works for you.

Then, as you strengthen that muscle, you may discover other avenues and outlets that all serve to stimulate and encourage your creative heart.

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