writing daily challenges

The last couple of days have been challenging for the #writingdaily challenge. A common thing for me of late, what with the cross-country move this coming September, the packers coming next weekend, the adventure of living with my sister in August, and the necessity of having to train my replacement at my job.

It was wonderful having the daily inspirations earlier this week, and I had hoped to write about Grace, the new heroine for Book 4 of Heart of the Blessed. I’m a bit out of practice, and she’s not sure how clearly she wants to introduce herself at the moment. I’m hoping that by tomorrow one or both of us will be ready to write a little ditty about her. My goal was to write her first meeting with Teddy.

It may have been a bit too ambitious since we don’t know each other very well yet.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be able to introduce everyone to her. Or maybe Angeline instead. One never knows where inspiration will lead, especially when the follower feels like an utter newbie all over again.

But that’s okay.

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