warm bodies

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie Warm Bodies, but I highly recommend it.

Without giving too much away, it is a unique mix of a zombie movie, a Romeo & Juliet style romance, and a social commentary.

A social commentary? In a zombie movie?

I know, right?

But it’s true. The reason they had become what they were was because of a disconnect from humanity. From each other. They had lost feeling and caring. Lost the importance of human touch. That was why they had become “corpses”.

It’s such a true reflection of today’s society. We are all about ourselves, slowly losing touch with our “fellow man” as we grow further from our Creator.

In the movie, the “corpses” would become “bonies” or skeletons once they lost hope. But the reconnection with the living reminded them of their past lives, encouraging their hearts to beat again. Giving them hope.

Hope can be hard to find. Harder to hold onto. But it’s never impossible. We just have to keep moving, and keep looking.

“Never give up. Never surrender.” ~Peter Quincy Taggert, Galaxy Quest


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