when ideas blossom

So, a few years ago when the hubs and I were living in Eastern Washington I came up with an idea for a Romantic Comedy inspired from a tiny portion of my own life–From a single day, actually.

But, yesterday, my mind started wandering and “what if”ing as it is wont to do and came up with an enhancement of the idea… what if the two people weren’t strangers falling in love but Exes?


I’m sure it happens, and I can see how the storyline could wrap itself around that idea. One fact I am not certain of yet is if they are ex-husband/wife or ex-fiancé/fiancée, but the possibilities are kinda fun to think about. And isn’t ‘fun’ what we as writers are all about anyway?

So, now I need to update the synopsis, update the cover (I always make the cover first), change the title, and start fleshing out the story. I’m definitely going to pull the hubs into this because he is, after all, an “ex” himself.

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