coast to coast in a Cooper [day 1]

2005 mini convertible

The past three days were an interesting conglomeration of hellos and good-byes for me.

I bid farewell to my job of [almost] four years — a job I loved — on Friday. It was a bittersweet moment, that final farewell to all my co-workers at the end of the “Farewell party”. In fact, I don’t think it has/had completely settled in that I would not report for work on Tuesday after the end of the 3-day holiday weekend.

On Sunday the hubs and I had breakfast with my boss and his wife, then we ventured to a coffee house to have brunch/coffee with a friend and his special someone. Afterwards, we headed over to my sister’s house to say hello and good-bye to her and my dad. We hit the road after loading everything [dogs and all] into my Mini Cooper Convertible.

It was a nice feeling seeing her waving good-bye from the doorway of her house because it meant we were parting as friends and not as enemies. Always a bonus when it comes to family.

The next 5 hours were on the road. The dogs were [initially] eager to get into the car because they knew were going somewhere else. They like that initial thought, even though they only THINK that might be someplace they want to go. So, the first chance we had, we stopped at a rest area and let them take care of business and run around [on lease] a bit. We didn’t stop again until we made it to the hotel around 9:30.

Ransom did very well, considering this was only his second extended journey road-trip. He didn’t even throw up this time, and the stray dog that continued to come over and say ‘hello’ at the first rest area didn’t cause a major bit of drama. Ransom and Roxie just told him he was too close and he left.

Well, mostly.

So, the plan for this next day of travel is to hit Wyoming. The travel-time, without dog potty breaks, will be 10-ish hours and between 600-700 miles. That’s our target each day in order to make North Carolina in 5 days.

Hopefully Irma won’t make a visit once we get to our new home.

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