coast to coast in a Cooper [day 4]

Yesterday was a lot more laid-back as a drive day, and I believe we earned that bit of rest. We put a lot of miles behind us, and a lot of hours behind the wheel, so we didn’t hit the road until after a BBQ brunch in Kansas City (it was good, and the sauce was exceptional).

Then, once we were in Missouri, we swung by another BBQ place in St. Louis that was rated as one of the top ten BBQ places in the country. Needless to say we had that for dinner. Well, half of the ribs. We’ll have the other half for brunch, I feel fairly confident. While the ribs were delicious, the sauce had more of a molasses taste than we cared for, so we preferred the Kansas City sauce and the St. Louis ribs. The dogs didn’t care one way or the other. They were just happy that we shared some of the bones with them.

After driving through Missouri and Illinois, we hit Kentucky and Tennessee, where we stopped for the night in Cookeville… and that’s where we find ourselves this morning. The plan is to make it to Raleigh today, a short 7 hour drive, and then drop my Mini off at the Mini City doctor for an estimate and then a repair. We won’t know if we’re spending another night in Raleigh or going home to Manteo until we hear from the shop about the length of time for the repairs. Luckily, the hubs parked his work truck in Raleigh at the PCL headquarters, so if the repairs are going to take a while, we can load everything [dogs and fish included] into the truck and then head home to Manteo.

It will be the first time I’ve ever been this far East, and the first time I’m seeing the house in person rather than through videos and pictures. I’m looking forward to setting up my writing space so that I can get started on building up my daily writing routine. These first few weeks of having no daily job but my writing and unpacking responsibilities will be interesting. It’s been a year since I went on a vacation, so after that 10-day period is up, my goal is to set it up so that my daily job will be the organization and writing of my remaining writing projects.

Just like back in the old days.

I may also take an English or Literature class just for fun, unless I decide to get a part-time job just to get myself out of the house for a few hours each day. Of course, it may end up that ‘getting myself out of the house’ can simply be accomplished by taking the dogs for a long walk to a place under a tree where I can start writing. The possibilities are endless, and I’m doing my best to dwell on that fact instead of worrying whether or not it will work out.

What did worrying ever solve?

So, to everyone good morning and God bless your day. We’re off to Raleigh.

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