settling in

Each day I have a goal of emptying at least one box.

That doesn’t mean simply placing the items someplace and then breaking down the box and stowing it in the garage. It means being deliberate and intentional about finding the item a new place to belong in this new home. The last thing I want to do is rearrange everything because I was willy nilly with it from the outset.

That is also a mindset I am attempting to encourage with my chores and my writing: being deliberate. Acting with intention / purpose. It’s a nice feeling when you find that “groove”, especially when it plays well with your hobbies and goals.

I might investigate the importance of a daily to-do list so that I don’t find myself leaving things undone or forgotten entirely. Organization, or structured approaches to things, make me feel calm and centered, I’ve begun to discover, especially in the midst of life’s many challenges.

Perhaps it will even minimize my introvert tendencies and allow me to make some healthy connections?

First things first, however, and that means taking it one box at a time. At the moment, that may mean taking a long, hard look at my office in order to formulate a game plan….

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