forest of the unyielding

I started writing a “campaign module” today. I’m calling the adventure ‘The Forest of the Unyielding‘.

The hubs and I have had many, many conversations about me leading a table-top campaign/adventure. He believes I will take to it well. Me? I have an inkling I might want to hold too much control to make certain that the story I envision gets told instead of leaving it up to the player.

Well, today I decided to just start it out and see what happens instead of telling myself why it won’t work.

Thus far I have only jotted down the opening setting and have already written two paths where the player gets to make his first decision. It might be changed once I present it to the hubs, since he’s had more experienced writing campaigns, but at least I’m keeping the option/eventuality in the front of my mind. I’m trying to approach it more like a screenplay than a novel, but who is to say that is even a correct likeness?

Admittedly, I’m looking forward to organizing the adventure and the images to propel the story. I just hope I can give the story its proper due… or, rather, let the player open the story and go with the flow.

What did you think of my post?

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