Sometimes It’s Always

I know the popular saying is that “nobody ever ‘always’ or ‘never’s”, but sometimes it’s ‘always’, whether we like it or not. ‘Motivation’ is my ‘always’ challenge. Whether it’s chores, grocery shopping, writing, or crafting there is some aspect of it that makes me lose interest. My husband calls it ‘suffering from a lack of wanna’.

With my Beading, the motivation wanes when I look at all the sorting I still need to do before I know exactly what I have in my inventory. I mean, why is sorting all these beads and findings and gemstones so important? If I have it I have it. If I don’t I don’t. >.< One would think, sure. Unfortunately, when I’m piecing together a design, if I don’t know what my options are, it seems to limit my creativity. Are at least it seems to.

Why I can’t get away from the constant struggle of Motivation is beyond me at the moment, but it probably has something to do with a necessary challenge to improve my character. ^_^;

So, just like with chores and other things that are less than glorious, I need to find a way to push through and just get started. Usually, once I get started with the task that I don’t want to do, I can push through to the end and really feel a sense of accomplishment. For sorting, I think that once I get my computer setup in my crafting area so that it’s easier to stream my favorite shows, it will be much easier for me to stop focusing on the mundane act. You know what I mean?

With housework, it goes faster if I have a show or music playing in the background. For grocery shopping, once I get to the store, having a shopping list makes things go so much quicker. Even with laundry, the folding and sorting usually goes by fast when, again, I’m streaming my favorite show. I guess it’s just a matter of knowing what my strengths and weaknesses are and how to work around them.

For me, it’s always Motivation.

One Comment on “Sometimes It’s Always

  1. A neuropsychologist recommended I play the Lumosity app, about a decade ago. It’s still up and running (browser, and now app!), and each of the games works different skills in your brain, and gives you a score. If you write down your scores from each app, and log a chart over a week or so, you’ll see how on certain days your brain is not up to certain types of tasks. There’s a tab on the app, that compares your score to everybody your age who plays the certain game. % rank? So, for me, I’ve evaluated different parts of my brain. And can check on my skills daily. And to know a neuropsychologist would back me up!!


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