The Creative Heart

The creative heart is sensitive, and I believe it is sensitive for a purpose – though this sensitivity could also be viewed as a curse as well as a blessing. The creative heart views the people and situations around them in a different way than most. They interact with people and situations in unique ways as well. The creative heart ponders happenings deeply, and for a long time, viewing each corner of it like a person examining an item at a store before they decide to (or not to) make a purchase.

I believe the creative heart translates these interactions into intriguing pieces of art as a way of further processing and interacting with the experience. Perhaps it is even a way to dismiss or learn what they can before moving on. Of course, there is always those who continue to obsess over that interaction, creating and re-creating pieces of art that access different emotions they experience(d).

This isn’t always the motivation behind the creation of a piece of art because, sometimes, the creative heart simply wants to craft something that appeals to them in that moment. This is the type of creative person I tend to be.

The creative heart is sensitive and needs acknowledgement and encouragement mixed carefully with constructive suggestions. Not everyone who has a creative heart is able to also grow a “thick skin”, and we should be mindful of that when interacting with them.

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