Beads & Baubles

Much to my surprise, in 2020 I started posting my jewelry projects at my storefront page, Angel Breath Baubles, on Etsy. Jewelry-making has been a hobby of mine off and on since 2005 as it is a painless way to experience some instant gratification when it comes to finishing a project. Having been an author for more than 30 years, instant gratification isn’t often experienced. But jewelry-making? Definitely a great way to experience immediate results. Well, that and there is no other way to diminish my overwhelming inventory of beads and supplies!

There are a lot of intricacies to having a shop. My biggest challenges at the moment are the project descriptions and the photographs. It has also been suggested that I post videos of each piece, which will require an introvert like me to come face-to-face with her fear of public attention *shakes her head*. I always seem to do this to myself–but that’s fine. We all need challenges, right?

My biggest obstacle now is learning the best way to photograph my pieces.

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