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coast to coast in a Cooper [day 3]

We had a late start, but that didn’t end up being the biggest challenge yesterday. The dogs have been doing great with the long days of travel, especially considering this is the first multi-day, long-hours road trip Ransom has ever experienced. Roxie has been… Continue Reading “coast to coast in a Cooper [day 3]”

coast to coast in a Cooper [day 1]

2005 mini convertible

The past three days were an interesting conglomeration of hellos and good-byes for me. I bid farewell to my job of [almost] four years — a job I loved — on Friday. It was a bittersweet moment, that final farewell to all my co-workers… Continue Reading “coast to coast in a Cooper [day 1]”

when ideas blossom

So, a few years ago when the hubs and I were living in Eastern Washington I came up with an idea for a Romantic Comedy inspired from a tiny portion of my own life–From a single day, actually. But, yesterday, my mind started wandering… Continue Reading “when ideas blossom”