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#writingdaily | Jasper

Sometimes peopleĀ ask me when I knew there was something different about me. Well, maybe not in so many words, but I know exactly what they mean. The thing is, I don’t remember ever not knowing. I felt fine with that, since everyone sucked. Smart-assed… Continue Reading “#writingdaily | Jasper”

#writingdaily | once

I met someone like me once – a human who doesn’t die – and discovered a missing part of my life’s story. Up until the morning I stumbled upon her in that crumbling and gutted house, I thought I was cursed. But she helped… Continue Reading “#writingdaily | once”

#writingdaily | Angeline

Fear was always the prelude to the dark. That conflict raging inside all of us waiting for each daily choice which would, finally, give us no way out of its festering grasp. Or, so it would have us believe. Some of us use the… Continue Reading “#writingdaily | Angeline”