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#writingdaily | Angeline

Fear was always the prelude to the dark. That conflict raging inside all of us waiting for each daily choice which would, finally, give us no way out of its festering grasp. Or, so it would have us believe. Some of us use the… Continue Reading “#writingdaily | Angeline”

writer’s rust

Do you ever feel like you’ve forgotten how to write? Like, it’s been so long away from the keyboard (or pen and paper for the old school) that you think everything you write is simply straight-up crap? Well, maybe not straight-up crap, that’s a… Continue Reading “writer’s rust”

writer wednesday: challenges

Writers have it hard, though we revel in the thought of being a “glutton for punishment”. Why? It may have something to do with the expressions which fall over (or glaze over) the target of our conversation. It could also be the fact that, as a writer… Continue Reading “writer wednesday: challenges”