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#writingdaily | Jasper

Sometimes people ask me when I knew there was something different about me. Well, maybe not in so many words, but I know exactly what they mean. The thing is, I don’t remember ever not knowing. I felt fine with that, since everyone sucked. Smart-assed… Continue Reading “#writingdaily | Jasper”

#writingdaily | once

I met someone like me once – a human who doesn’t die – and discovered a missing part of my life’s story. Up until the morning I stumbled upon her in that crumbling and gutted house, I thought I was cursed. But she helped… Continue Reading “#writingdaily | once”

#writingdaily | feast

Fear has always been the scent that I enjoyed most. It’s complex, like a well-aged red wine. Fear is in the blood; a syrup for the senses. When the blood is stirred, the fear rises up in a scent of mercurial, crimson decadence. It… Continue Reading “#writingdaily | feast”