My family has always been “crafty”. Whether it was sewing, model building (model railroad), quilting, crochet, jewelry, or art (watercolors or pencil) a majority of the members of my family were/are prone to it in one way or the other. My craft of choice for more than 30 years was writing novels and novellas, which you can find for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and other places. In 2006, however, I was introduced to the world of string beadwork as well as wirework and, later, resin. My jewelry is for sale on the Etsy Marketplace.

Also on the Marketplace is the print-on-demand merchandise I have begun designing using Printful. From dresses and bomber jackets to swimsuits and pajamas, I’m slowly beginning to expand my available inventory.


You can find my designs for sale on Etsy and Storenvy Marketplaces. Etsy is where I showcase my beadwork, resin, and wirework crafts as well as some other merchandise. Storenvy is where I showcase my Independent Wrestler merchandise. Etsy does not have a product limit, so a majority of my pieces will be for sale there, but the Indie Wrestler merchandise will remain on Storenvy.

Etsy storefront Link

Storenvy storefront link


I am part of the ‘Creative Team’ for the Asian Sensation, Michael King, owner/President of King Enterprises. As such, I am responsible for designing the logos for his stable of Professional Wrestlers.

My logo design is not limited to the Professional Wrestlers managed by Michael King. Other Independent Professional Wrestling Promotions, Podcasters, and independent Professional Wrestlers have also approached me through Mr. King to design their logos.

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