The Mintfield | FanFiction


Fan-Fiction was a brief [but fun] distraction for me from 1999 to 2004 (give or take).

Writing fan-fiction introduced me to a myriad of characters, worlds, and dark purposes that I may not have otherwise come across in my previous realm of books and movies. Similar to how writing the angst-ridden stories from my high-school career helped me vent my own teenage frustrations and experience a few “what if?” situations, fan-fiction encouraged me to meet some rather cool anti-heroes and offer redemption to villains that were simply the victim of a dark past. The pages held it all: spice, sweetness, and a few gloriously sweaty sword fights.

I will never regret these stories nor the characters that are held lovingly within their many pages. These are all available for download at Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble in a wide variety of eReader formats – and all for free. The covers below represent a few of the novels/novellas that blossomed from my fan-fiction career.

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