The Creative Heart

The creative heart is sensitive, and I believe it is sensitive for a purpose – though this sensitivity could also be viewed as a curse as well as a blessing. The creative heart views the people and situations around them in a different way than most. They interact with people and situations in unique ways as well. The creative heart ponders happenings deeply, and for a long time, viewing each corner of it like a person examining an item at a store before they decide to (or not to) make a purchase.

I believe the creative heart translates these interactions into intriguing pieces of art as a way of further processing and interacting with the experience. Perhaps it is even a way to dismiss or learn what they can before moving on. Of course, there is always those who continue to obsess over that interaction, creating and re-creating pieces of art that access different emotions they experience(d).

This isn’t always the motivation behind the creation of a piece of art because, sometimes, the creative heart simply wants to craft something that appeals to them in that moment. This is the type of creative person I tend to be.

The creative heart is sensitive and needs acknowledgement and encouragement mixed carefully with constructive suggestions. Not everyone who has a creative heart is able to also grow a “thick skin”, and we should be mindful of that when interacting with them.

Design Lately

Lately, over the past year, I have not only enjoyed myself crafting charms and jewelry, but even designing logos for professional wrestlers. In fact, one of the wrestlers is even wearing a jewelry set I made for them. C:

This particular creative path came as a surprise, and all because of my husband’s love of wrestling. I enjoy creating things, and learning new ways of doing art, and playing around with graphics. He needed logos for his growing stable of wrestlers, and that led to me becoming his “creative team”.

I’m not sure how many logos and event posters I’ve created now, but I’m definitely having fun. Maybe one day I’ll put up some examples?

Organized Disorganization

Never, ever be separated from your hobby for so long that, when you sit at your desk and view the terrain, you have no idea where to start. -_-

This is why practicing the discipline to do your craft daily is important. Even if you set a time goal rather than a production goal, any completed task is epic… to say nothing about how it makes the daily goal a little easier to attain each day you are successful.

Needless to say, this is my goal at the moment: to sit down at my desk each day and produce something, even if it is simply a matter of getting the area a bit more manageable.