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#writingdaily | left

Angeline closed her eyes, the dark around her holding a simple silence that only nature could weave. The wind teased the hood of her midnight-blue windbreaker and whistled a hello and good-bye, chased away by the warmth and light of the fire crackling cheerily… Continue Reading “#writingdaily | left”

#writingdaily | Mira

There are two sides to everything. So many┬átones ring in my ears, whether or not I want to hear them. The bright song of those nearby whom hold a special place in the journey I tread. The dingy, tinny scraping of those who wish… Continue Reading “#writingdaily | Mira”

#writingdaily | once

I met someone like me once – a human who doesn’t die – and discovered a missing part of my life’s story. Up until the morning I stumbled upon her in that crumbling and gutted house, I thought I was cursed. But she helped… Continue Reading “#writingdaily | once”