countdowns and transitions

In January the hubs admitted to me that he had a feeling this year would be one of transition. I have learned that it is best to listen to the hubs in all things, and especially when he has a feeling about something.

They are often right on the money.

For this year, the transition began soon thereafter when it was confirmed that his place of employment would be closing their doors after 100 years of operation. Before that happened, another job popped up at a company he had worked with before–Caveat: it took him across the country to the other coastline.

Unfortunately, we did not have the wherewithal to move me and the dogs, so we decided I would visit every few months (and vice versa). I enjoy traveling, so it didn’t seem too much of an ordeal, especially since it would only be for a year and then we would revisit the situation when the new project was assigned.

Then, after only a week at the project, they transferred him to a much more challenging project even further east, expanding the duration of our separation from 12 months to 18 months or more. Not a pleasant thought, especially when weeks seemed like months already. So, he began searching for a house to rent… and that didn’t result in much due to the fact that the tourist season had begun and rentals were starting around $3500 per month–not possible.

But the Lord works in mysterious ways – He always has when it comes to us – and opened the door to a rental at an affordable price that would accept the dogs (BOTH of them!). It sped up the timeline of my move to 3 months instead of 18 months, and even though it meant sacrificing my job (which I love), the timing of it all is falling into place.  How wonderful to be able to trip back into my daily writing life? How fortuitous that the selling of the house – Lord willing – could make it possible to reduce our debt enough that my working is OPTIONAL?

So, now the house is packed, loaded, and on its way to him (including his car), I’m staying at my sister’s in her extra room (with the dogs), and the hubs will fly out in a few weeks so that he and I (and the dogs) can drive from west coast to east coast in my Mini Convertible.

2005 mini convertible

*laugh* Don’t worry. I’ll be posting details of our adventurous journey.

So where is the countdown at? As of today, 3 weeks and 4 days [25 days] until we hit the road.

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