When I first started crafting jewelry, friends would comment that many of my beads made them think of candy. Hard candy, to be specific. I laughed it off at the time, but as the years went by I began to see a recurring theme in the beads I purchased and, almost, in the way I put them together. The components all went to support how much the beads looked like candies!

Many of us never get over our love of candy. I know for me the trip to the Whiskey Hill Store to spend our can and bottle money on candy was the best part of our Summers. Jolly Ranchers were my favorite, and I know we loved Gobstoppers and Jawbreakers too. So why not embrace this theme in presentation, inspiration, and even how I market? Sounds like a fun idea, actually.

As I began brainstorming this post, I also started looking for a stock photo to use as the featured image. Photo after photo of hard candies set in artistic fashion made me realize that I should use this recurring theme of hard candy as a selling point during the Christmas season. Perhaps even during Halloween if I use the darker beads I’ve been hoarding (and, of course, the beads that are different shades of yellow and orange).

Candies can be crafted into so many lovely shapes and colors, and I’m looking forward to attempting to find even more beads that seem to play on this as their inspiration–and mine.

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